Toughskin Case for iPod Photo

I looked at quite a number of skins for my iPod Photo before settling on the Toughskin case. This skin is really rugged and protects all of the important surfaces.

The skin is made almost of tire rubber, it feels so sturdy, You get solid bumpers on all of the corners. There's a back belt clip, which to be honest I don't use at all. I wouldn't trust my iPod hanging on a plastic clip.

There's a clear plastic front window that I don't use either. The regular glass is so nice and crisp that I hate to "dull" that image by putting yet another layer of plastic over it. Of course if you tend to abuse your iPod, it might be worth it to you to put that screen protector in.

On the other hand I *do* use the built in wheel protector, and think it's great. It's easy to move out of the way when you're using the wheel, and to latch back in place when you want to keep that control panel protected.

I really love my toughskin and easily think it'll help extend the life and look of my iPod. It fits my iPod Photo 60 gig perfectly - and also should fit other iPod brands. It comes with spacers to account for other varieties being slightly smaller.

Highly recommended!

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