Glossary of Internet Radio Server Terms

If you're getting into doing your own internet radio broadcast from your web server, here are some terms to understand and learn.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers is the legal group that controls rights to broadcast just about any song in the US. You need a contract with the ASCAP before broadcasting their members' songs.

Music files tend to be on the large size, and each time you "play" a song for a visitor, that entire music file must move off of your server and down to their machine. That movement of data takes up "bandwidth" which your hosting company will then charge you for. It's wise to make sure your hosting contract will handle the amount of bandwidth you plan on using *before* you get into this.

Each radio station can only handle a certain number of concurrent (same-time) users before the server gets overloaded. Just about every radio station software package lets you set the maximum number of clients that can listen at the same time.

MP3 is an encoding scheme which takes a standard audio CD track and turns it into a file that can be played by just about any music player.

In order to broadast your songs to the web world, your song files (the MP3 files) have to reside on a server that the visitors can access. This is your audio server.

A YP server is one that is in essence a directory of radio stations. It is a list of the various radio stations on the web that a person can listen to. If you are running your own web radio station, you often want to make sure you are linked to from the yellow pages in the web, so that people can find your radio station and listen to it.

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