Icecast MP3 Radio Server Software

Icecast MP3 Radio Server Software allows you to turn your webserver into an internet radio station. You fill your server's hard drive with MP3 files, install icecast, and broadcast to the world. Icecast also handles OGG files.

Configuration for the software is very basic - you actually go into the configuration file (set up in XML tag language) and edit the various locations. For example, the password section looks like this -

<!-- Admin logs in with the username given below -->

It's very easy to do, but it might be intimidating for someone used to user-friendly windows and screens.

Still, you simply run the EXE file on your webserver and when it's done, the server is ready. You change the passwords for security reasons, point the directory at the location of your MP3s, and start things going! There are many add-on programs that let you manage your tracks and organize your songs. Your end users use WinAmp, a standard music playing software, to then hear your station.

Note that once you get IceCast set up, you still have to "feed it files" to play. You need to download one of many source programs to provide a stream of MP3 files or a live broadcast to IceCast, so it has something to send to its visitors.

Recommended as a free solution for those wanting to play a radio station on their web server. Website

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