Live365 Online Radio Stations

Both those who want to play tunes and those who want to listen can use Live365 for their internet radio needs. However, the price is pretty high.

First, the good parts. Live365 handles all licensing issues for the music you play. If you're a listener, you just go to their site and click around, looking for music you enjoy. If you're a radio creator, you load up tracks from the CDs that you own, organize them into a playlist, and they play.

None of these functions are free, though. First, the site is SWARMING with pop-up ads. You can't really disable the ads without totally disabling the website. Second, the radio stations have ads stuck into them constantly. You can only go 2 or 3 songs at a time before you have to wait through ads.

Sure, if you pay them extra money you can start to avoid the ads. But now you have the listeners paying cash to listen, AND the players paying cash to pay. Since an ASCAP license can be had for around $300/year, to pay $20 or more a month to host a radio station that is annoying your users with its stream of ads makes little sense.

Live365 might be a great way for a small website to get its feet wet and learn more about how radio works. Note, however, that Live365 charges a HUGE premium if they feel you are making any money at all from your website. So if you have Amazon links on your site, or are making affiliate sales from CommissionJunction, they're going to force you to pay the professional license fees.

I consider this an interesting 'training radio' station, but for most radio broadcasters, it's far more cost efficient to simply set up your own radio station.

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