MP3 Editing Software

Listening to MP3 files is a fun first step into getting involved with music. Why not go even further and start creating your own MP3 files!

One such package is ACID Pro, which lets you create your own loops and samples. You can take files and make them match beat-wise so you create long sequences of songs with the same dance rhythm. There are many other fun options in the software to do even more with your favorite songs.

Another fun MP3 editing program is Ableton Live. Again, you can work with files and change the rhythm speed and pitch of the song, matching it to other songs. You can create loops and sequences of songs both with songs you have as well as with their provided samples.

Just as video editing software has allowed movie lovers to re-cut their favorite movies to be even more to their personal taste (cutting all the Jar Jar scenes out of Star Wars I, for example), so does music editing software let you speed up, slow down, or alter your favorite songs to make them your very own works of art!

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