Creating a Holiday MP3 Playlist

Creating a playlist of MP3 songs can help make your holiday event planning much more simple. Get things organized in advance!

Just about any jukebox software will let you create multiple playlists for multiple situations. First, map out the different kinds of moods you might want to create. These might be -

* fun, happy music when people are arriving and settling in
* slow, quiet music for eating to
* fun holiday carols for gathering or kid time
* slow, serious carols for firelight sitting and late nights

Now gather up your CDs and figure out what songs go into what categories. Rip any CDs that you need to to fill your computer with the appropriate tracks. Use your jukebox software to set up the playlists with names that are easy to identify.

Now set your speakers up where they can be heard, but will not overwhelm the conversation. Sit back and enjoy your event!

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