KaZaA Skin Downloads

Looking for a new skin for your KaZaA player? Here's a selection to get you started!

KaZaA has a complete tutorial for you on line on how to create your own skins. The nice part is that you can take any existing skin you have and then open it up and see how it was done! It's always easier to start off modifying someone else's skin rather than trying to create your very own from scratch. Once you get good at it, though, have a blast with your own ideas!

KaZaA Skin Tutorial

Then you have to get your hands on some skins. KaZaA has a few that they feature:

KaZaA Featured Skins

If you don't mind pop-ups, a website devoted to skins for KaZaA is appropriately named:


Have fun decorating your KaZaA!

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