KaZaA Suing Record Companies

In a move that many find ironic, KaZaA is now suing the record companies for copyright infringement - since the record companies used a modified version of KaZaA's software to track down lawbreakers.

The owners of KaZaA, Sharman Networks Ltd, has tried filing suit against the record companies and was turned down. They are trying yet again, and a judge said that they are welcome to make the attempt.

In essence, Sharman is suing the record companies for stealing its KaZaA software, modifying it so ads were not shown, and then using it to take actions against other KaZaA users. Sharman says that these actions were against the stated code of conduct that applies to all KaZaA software users.

So far 261 KaZaA users have been sued for their file sharing of 1,000 or more songs to other users, breaking copyright laws. One of those lawsuits has been dismissed in a case of mistaken identity. Many other lawsuits against music file-swappers are planned to be filed in the near future.

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