MusicMatch Version 8 Review

Are you a fan of listening to or ripping MP3s? Be sure to check out the FREE version of MusicMatch Version 8! With new features like volume levelling, it's a sure fire hit!

MusicMatch has always been a great set of software. They support MP3, MP3Pro, WAV and WMA file formats and in each case you can rip them at a wide variety of quality settings, based on your needs. You can even do great things like only rip the first 30 seconds, start 20 seconds in and rip a clip, and do fading. This is perfect for webmasters looking to put up clips of personal songs.

There are many options to sort and organize your music, and a variety of skins to use as well.

Note there's a $19.99 for-pay option that gives you access to downloading songs for 99 cents, a wide variety of MusicMatch radio stations, and much more. But if you just want the free version, it's incredibly powerful!

NOTE: MusicMatch does NOT support Ogg Vorbis format. Their website statement reads: Musicmatch is committed to supporting formats based on customer demand and traction in the market, and MP3 is the dominant music file format at present. We will continue to evaluate and monitor adoption of additional formats, such as Ogg Vorbis, for possible inclusion within Musicmatch Jukebox. If and when we do offer support for Ogg Vorbis or other additional formats, we will make a public announcement.

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