Napster - Legal MP3 Sharing

Napster has become reborn, now offering fully legal music purchases to its millions of members. Its gigantic library of music and easy to use software make it a sure winner!

I admit to being a Napster junkie. When Happy Jack kept being played on the TV for the H2 commercials, I downloaded the song for 99 cents rather than go digging through my Who CDs to find it. I also happily downloaded the Word Up song from another commercial instead of waiting to get out to a CD store at the local mall. The world of music was at my fingertips. If I wanted to listen to something, it was only 99 cents away.

I also LOVE the 'related music' feature. I downloaded a song that I really loved, and Napster suggested several other artists to me. I was able to preview the music, found a song I really liked a lot, and downloaded the full version. I've been introduced to many new bands that I'd never heard of.

The system is great. You don't pay to be a member. You only pay for what you download. It's easy to search and sort, to track down other hits by the same artist, or other songs in the same genre.

The software is quick to download and very easy to use. Where other software packages had trouble on some of the laptops I use around the house, Napster has worked everywhere I've installed it, no difficulties at all.

I find Napster a brilliant way to expand the horizons of my musical listening!

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