Ripping CDs to MP3s

The process of taking audio tracks from an audio CD and turning them into MP3 music files is called RIPPING. This allows the audio CD files to be turned into separate MP3 files which can now be played on your computer, broadcast on a music webserver, shared with others, and much more.

There are numerous ripping programs available on the web, both for pay and for free. Each software package has its good and bad points. The critical feature of course is quality. If you rip a song and it turns into a tinny, muddy version, nobody will want to listen to it! You want the resulting MP3 file to be as high quality and crisp as possible.

Many ripping programs also come with a built in jukebox program, to help you organize and play back your MP3 files. While a computer with only 10 or 20 MP3 files on it might not need much organization, once you have 1,000 or more MP3 files on your hard drive you won't want to be digging through the pile to find what you are looking for.

Make sure that the software lets you tag each file with its artist name, title and other information. This will greatly assist in being able to organize the songs later on.

Ripping your legally owned audio CDs is the critical step to creating your own web radio station, based on the audio CDs you own.

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