Roxio Audio Central CD Ripping

Roxio's CD Creator and DVD Creator software comes with Audio Central, which lets you work with music CDs. It is a very basic CD Ripper, turning CD audio files into MP3s.

I like CD Creator because it will create OGG (Vox Orbiss) music files which are very high quality in small sizes. You can choose the sample size and quality rating of your files, whether you go with OGG or MP3 or WMA. You can even rip to WAV files if you want massively huge, high quality files.

Other than that, there really aren't that many bells and whistles in this software. You can't fade in or out. You can't do partial clips of songs. All you can do is turn an entire track into an entire output file.

Good for basic CD work, or if you want to go with OGG format and your normal software doesn't support that yet.

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