Recording Industry Sues 261 Music Swappers

The days of internet theft of music without consequence are over. The recording industry has started to prosecute, filing lawsuits against 261 music swapping individuals.

Initially targetting those individuals with a thousand or more stolen songs on the internet, these first 261 lawsuits are but the beginning in a worldwide push by the recording industry to punish those who blatantly stole and gave to others copyrighted songs and information.

There are another 1,600 individuals who are going to be actively pursued in the near future for their music theft activities.

The Recording Industry Association of America is also offering a "Clean Slate Program". If a person who has stolen music in the past turns himself (or herself) in, and signs a document promising not to steal music in the future, the RIAA will not prosecute that individual.

More About the Clean Slate Program

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