WAWI - WinAmp Remote Control

The WAWI tool from flippet.org allows you to run your WinAmp player via remote control. You can change tunes from your laptop, manage your ShoutCast system remotely, and much more!

You install the WAWI plug-in on the server that has your WinAmp running. You set a port for WAWI to listen to - maybe port 81. Then if you access that port from any other machine, you can now add songs to your playlist, stop and start the songs, reorder songs, and much more!

There are security features built into WAWI so that any random visitor can't start changing your songs on you. But this is perfect for shoutcast broadcasters who want to maintain their playlist remotely. No need to go to the actual server and do the work there!

So far the only issue I have is that you can't actually load a NEW playlist. So while you can move songs around manually, you can't just switch from 'daily bop' to 'sultry night songs' with a click.

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