Nullsoft Winamp MP3 Jukebox Review

Nullsoft Winamp is a free, commonly used MP3 jukebox program. How well does this MP3 player work compared to other options out there?

First, Winamp is a well respected software product, so you can trust that the way in which they decode MP3s and other file types is well done. You won't be losing quality playing your audio files through this software.

There is a great deal of customization available both with skin shapes and sizes as well as many color combinatons with the default skins. You could change the skin daily to suit your moods and never get bored.

I found the WinAmp software rather easy to use. It's easy to load in all your MP3s and then also easy to organize them into playlists, sorting by artist, title, track or anything else that strikes your fancy.

I did run into trouble playing my legally downloaded songs from Napster. Even though the songs I downloaded are .WMA files, and WinAmp plays .WMA files, trying to play any of those files gives the warning "In order to play this file, you need to upgrade your media player to a version compatible with Windows Media Rights Manager V7." It then points me at a list of compatible players - which includes the exact version of Winamp I'm running right now. Since I just downloaded my copy of Winamp on this laptop today to test it out for this article, there is no later copy. If they're saying I have to buy the Pro version of WinAmp just to hear songs I've already paid for, then they're out of luck!

Since it's free, you can test out your own files before you invest in really learning the software and getting everything organized in it. Free is good!

Note that the playlist files that WinAmp creates are given a .M3U extension. So if you create playlists on your hard drive, and want to work with the actual playlist raw files, they will end with a .M3U extension.

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