Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike

OK if ever an episode was to prove that the book series was completely off base, it was this one. In this episode Natalie is extremely honorable and paying attention to the murder - while Monk has lost all honor and is completely selfish. I found this episode incredibly unpleasant to watch, and found that it fully vindicated Natalie from the inane shallowness that the books foisted on her.

There's a garbage strike on in San Francisco which is completely inane - there's no way it would get to this point without some help or intervention. Still, it's a plot. Monk is driven insane by the garbage. He starts shipping his trash to his doctor.

But there's got to be a line somewhere. Monk is asked by the garbage collectors - who he of course has great respect for - to investigate the murder of their head honcho. Monk LIES blatantly to get them back to work. It is only Natalie - dragging him by force - that gets him to admit the truth.

It gets worse. The mission is touted as "featuring Alice Cooper" but he gets maybe a 30 second cameo in a pipe dream lie of Monk's. Monk makes mistakes because of his trash fetish. He finally has to get brought into a "clean room" to think straight.

I was just so turned off by Monk's dishonesty and selfishness that the episode lost most interest to me. Natalie was the only real honorable one here. If the books were written properly, then Natalie would be the hero here - and Monk would be wondering if he was worthy to be there with her.

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