Mr. Monk and the Basketball Coach

This episode renewed my faith in Monk - I really loved it. There were NUMEROUS great moments in this - even though it was very telegraphed when each clue came along.

When you start out seeing the basketball coach electrocuted by a hair dryer in a bathroom, your first thought is "that's ridiculous - hair dryers haven't done that in 20 years, never mind electrical code protects against that". So it was VERY obvious that someone had interfered in order to have those happen, and a bit unbelievable that the police wouldn't have looked into that. Monk is of course called in by the girls, and soon he and Natalie are coaching the team. Monk wants a trophy.

There are hilarious moments of Monk with his whistle and other little tweaks like that. Natalie is a great role model for the girls, encouraging them to do their best. Again, a very different Natalie than the books make her out to be.

I found it VERY obvious that Monk would get the trophies at the end, but the ride was enjoyable. Also, I was a bit put off that Natalie would lie to get her daughter an interview with the chief, when he was busy. To trick him into a school project was a bit much.

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