Mr. Monk and the Fireman

This was clearly based on the first book - but thank goodness the Natalie here is much more saner. In fact, Natalie is mature, focussed and very caring. Instead of shallowly obsessing about breasts and the proper 'voice quality' of a man, she very much takes care of Monk and ensures he gets through his blindness.

Monk is in a firehouse when a burglar comes in and throws acid into his face, while killing a friend. Monk is blind and is very happy - because it means he no longer sees messes or dirt. On the other hand, he thinks he's "trapped" high up in a building - when really he's only 10" off the ground. There is good and bad with being blind. It's one of the few times that I didn't think a "Monk being Monk" slapstick scene dragged on too long - this one made sense.

Natalie was great in this. She supports Monk, gets him up when he wants to mope, and encourages him to try to find clues.

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