I, The Jury Mickey Spillane - Mike Hammer

I, The Jury was the first book written by Mickey Spillane and features his hard boiled NYC detective Mike Hammer. The book was written in 1947 and was originally set in 1944. This 1982 movie version featuring Armand Assante in the lead role was set in "modern times".

The movie revolves around Mike taking revenge for the death of his good friend Jack. Jack and Mike had served together in the Vietnam War, and Jack had lost an arm protecting Mike.

Back when the book came out, it was singled out as being over the top with sex and violence. If anything, this movie version goes WAY over the top. In the original book there were prostitutes and heroin. In this current version, it's not just prostitutes - it's a fully fledged sex therapy mansion where they have fully nude (on screen) group sex. You have to wonder if you're watching a XXX Playboy movie.

Mike's female secretary/partner, Velda, is a blonde beauty but is also a very intelligent detective in her own right. She knows how to fix a gun, shaves his face, and investigates as well.

I liked the Mike here. He was sure of himself without being too obnoxious. He womanized, but the women were always actively interested in it. He disrupted people left and right, but you knew he was doing it to get to the truth about his friend who was slain. I didn't like how he so quickly discounted a woman as a doctor. That was a bit much.

Mickey Spillane - Mike Hammer

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