This great tale examines the role the Navajo played during WW2, using their native language to create an unbreakable code.

The tale stars Nicholas Cage as a a tough Marine who had to sacrifice his entire unit during a rough assignment to hold a location. He wants to go back into action, and his commanders figure he's the perfect guy to be escort for a Wind Walker. Because the code is so critical to efforts to win the war, the code must be protected at all costs. Cage is instructed to kill his Navajo partner if it looks like they will be captured.

Nicholas heads off with another marine, played by Christian Slater, and their two Navajo partners. They are taking an island in Japan, and the fighting is fierce. There are many long scenes of the bloody battle and how the units have to fight inch by inch for their progress.

There are one or two members of the unit who do not appreciate having "Indians" along, and make crude jokes about scalping and cowboys-and-indians. The two Navajo soon win over their fellow soldiers with their honor and quiet resolution.

The movie does a great job of showing just how critical the Navajo efforts were to the winning of WW2, and how much each individual soldier had to overcome in dealing with the prejudices of his comerades. The movie was very educational without being an in-your-face history lesson - and the millions of people who enjoyed the movie are a testament to the popularity of the story.

Hopefully this will open the door for more movies on more American Indian topics!

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