Spenser for Hire

No Room at the Inn

The first "real episode" - i.e. the one after the pilot. You get various montage shots in the intro that came from the pilot.

A three decker brick building is on fire, one of the classic homes from Boston. Spenser is in rescuing people, including a fireman. It turns out it's his own home that is roasting. Where the pilot was in the snow, this one is in the hot month of August. At least this office is nicely done now - white walls, brown venetian blinds. Spenser is wearing a Boston Red Sox sleeveless shirt.

Belson shows up to bring Spenser in. Quirk wants to talk. Apparently there's a witness - Angela Zemekis - that needs a bodyguard. They're at Trinity Church. Quirk offers to take him in to live with him - hints of Quirk asking Spenser to have dinner with them in the first episode. Spenser immediately calls Hawk to help.

It turns out it's the wife of a high placed mob person that Spenser needs to protect. She's in a room next to Mass General Hospital. Spenser heads to his office - and the fire department now offers him a small, unused brick firehouse to live in.

You get amusing shots of skateboarders doing "tricks" around the neighborhood. Next thing you know, two guys come in to kill the girl, Spenser happens to be on the phone and races in to help - only finding the dead bodies. It's funny that Spenser impersonates Belson in this episode to get info - when in the previous one he impersonated a banker to get phone info.

Off to the Ritz goes Spenser. Now he figures out that there's a witness off to San Francisco, and a mystery woman with Hawk. Spenser tells Susan "I love you" casually - a big change from the previous episode.

You hear that Boston has more PhDs than anywhere else in the country :) Spenser manages to get Hawk's car booted. On to a new hotel ... Hawk is drinking Champagne. It turns out "Shirley" is just a hired imposter. Spenser shows back up at the main woman's house. He tells her that she doesn't want Angela live at the grand jury - she just wants the woman's deposition without anybody being able to cross examine. Spenser tells them he wants money to keep this quiet.

Zap to the next morning, 7am. She and her friend are waiting for the "delivery" of the witness by Spenser. Hawk puts a girl into the back of the truck and the four of them drive along.

I like the shots of Faneuil Hall, and it's funny how Hawk has now downgraded to a BMW - probably more affordable for the long term TV show budget. It's interesting that Spenser is upset about killing a woman, as if this was unheard of. He gets much more jaded over time :).

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