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Here we go with a Spenser classic storyline. Innocent young girl being abused, Spenser comes in to help, Susan gets put on assignment to help with the emotional side. It seemed Parker really connected with this storyline for some reason.

Here she's a teenage girl whose father is abusing her. The girl's boyfriend steals her away for her own safety. Spenser thinks of it as a Romeo and Juliet story, that the families don't get along. But it's much more than that.

Hawk shows some remorse here - he was drawn into killing an innocent man. He doesn't like the feeling of that.

In one scene Spenser is at Fenway Park. It's great - there are ancient ads on the score sign for Polaroid and Digital :)

Fenway park digital polaroid

This is where we first meet Joe Broz and his criminal family. We also get to see the USS Consitution, on the Freedom Trail. It's interesting to see how everything looked pre-Big-Dig.

Spenser for Hire TV Series episode listing
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The Spenser for Hire Books
The Godwulf Manuscript, 73
God Save the Child, 74
Mortal Stakes, 75
Promised Land, 76
The Judas Goat, 78
Looking for Rachel Wallace, 80
Early Autumn, 81
A Savage Place, 81
Ceremony, 82
The Widening Gyre, 83
Valediction, 84
A Catskill Eagle, 85
Taming a Sea Horse, 86
Pale Kings and Princes, 87
Crimson Joy, 88
Playmates, 89
Stardust, 90
Pasttimes, 91
Double Deuce, 92
Paper Doll, 93
Walking Shadow, 94
Thin Air, 95
Chance, 96
Small Vices, 97
Sudden Mischief, 98
Hush Money, 99
Hugger Mugger, 00
Potshot, 01
Widows Walk, 02
Back Story, 03
Cold Service, 04
School Days, 05
Hundred-Dollar Baby, 06
Now and Then, 07

The Jesse Stone Series
About Paradise, Mass
Night Passage, 00
Trouble in Paradise, 02
Death in Paradise, 03
Stone Cold, 04
Sea Change, 06
High Profile, 07
Night and Day, 09

The Sunny Randall Series
Family Honor, 99
Perish Twice, 00
Shrink Wrap, 02
Melancholy Baby, 04
Blue Screen, 05
Spare Change, 07

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Season List 85-88
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Movies - Spenser
Ceremony, 93
Pale King and Princes, 93
The Judas Goat, 94
A Savage Place, 95
Small Vices, 99
Thin Air, 00
Walking Shadow, 01

Movies - Jesse Stone
Jesse Stone - Movie Locations
Stone Cold, 05
Night Passage, 06
Death in Paradise, 06
Sea Change, 07
Thin Ice, 09
No Remorse, 10
Lost In Paradise, 15

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