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Some Spenser episodes are fairly glib, but this one was quite serious. It goes to the heart of many serious discussions couples can have.

First, the outer story. Spenser is ambushed and attacked by a hoodlum who is on roller skates. I had to laugh at the guy - and then was surprised when Spenser went running after him, gun out, through a parade of kids and right past a cop. The cop doesn't think to get involved when he sees gunned men running down the street?

So Hawk then tells Spenser about the two poor orphaned kids left behind. Hawk shows some compassion :). Spenser takes them home with him. At the same time, Susan is acting odd. She finally admits to Spenser that she's pregnant.

Spenser being the solid, down-to-earth guy he is, wants to have the baby. He admits Susan will have to live alone in Smithfield to stay safe from his job. Which, I admit, feels a little iffy. "Sure let's have a kid together. But you'll have to raise him alone. I promise to visit occasonally." But still, he's doing the best he can.

The kids go from wild to tame, Susan decides she just can't have the baby in this situation, and Spenser tracks down King Powers who was trying to have him killed. Spenser meets up with Powers and says he won't press charges about the assassination attempt as long as Powers created a trust fund for the kids. Powers agrees.

The episode ends with Susan in the hospital after the abortion. Spenser muses that the both felt strongly on opposite sides of the issue - and that in the end they had to agree to disagree and move on with their relationship. It was a somber ending.

Some nice scenes of Boston Common. The Hawk-Spenser relationship also grows to a higher level - now Spenser is trusting Hawk to take care of Susan for him.

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