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This episode starts with a Beverly Hills Cop style reference (It came out about a year beforehand) complete with matching music. A pair of people smash through a store window and out into the street. It's Spenser, guarding a jewelry store. Apparently it didn't go very well. But soon we realize that there are bigger issues afoot. Quirk is in trouble, and he won't get himself out. Something is up.

It turns out there's a high-powered guy with a low-life son. And Quirk's wife has had an affair. It might seem quaint in modern times, but Quirk is willing to do anything at all to keep this affair hidden. Including allowing bad guys to get away with all sorts of stuff.

Spenser and Hawk are on the job to help out. They figure out what is going on, get Quirk to talk with his wife, and put the pressure on the high-powered guy. That guy decides he'd rather kill his son than risk his millions. Unfortunately for him, his son kills him instead.

Belson gets shot, Hawk shoots a bad guy (ending his previous plot-induced missing streak) and Spenser and Susan talk about honor.

A nice episode to focus on Quirk, but a fairly light one for me.

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