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Thanskgiving showcases Thanksgiving in New England, complete with a trip to Plimoth Plantation. This time it's a friend of Spenser's who is in trouble. He's been accused of murder.

The woman in question was the young wife of an elderly millionaire. She volunteered at Plimoth Plantation, so there are several scenes of that lovely location. Spenser identifies his home office location as Charlestown in this episode, when talking with his friend. It's intriguing that George the Cop that Spenser talks with has a Missouri accent, and not a Plymouth one :). Ah well. The actor is from Missouri.

We get a lot of scenes with Spenser in glasses. We also get snide comments from the stepson of the wife, about how she was "without breeding or background". Is this the 1700s? Hawk is fairly extreme in his "interrogation methods". It's also a bit questionable when Spenser fires his gun several time at the back of a fleeing suspect. I'm not quite sure that's a legitimate use of deadly force.

Hawk shows off his knowledge of french by asking for a '75 white wine in French. Spenser has beer :). But then we get a bit of extreme machoism when Spenser and his friend fist-fight just to "connect".

We get some Moet and Chandon in the old style wide-brimmed glass, and then a nice actual Thanksgiving scene where Spenser says grace.

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Susan Silverman

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