1964 Christmas Stamp - 5 Cent Greens

If 1963, being the second year, had cemented the US Christmas Stamp as an actual tradition, 1964 upped the ante by becoming the first year that consumers could choose from a variety of stamps for the holiday season. You had a wreath in 1962, a tree in 1963, and now in 1964 you got to choose from four different greenery designs - holly, mistletoe, poinsettia, and a pine cone design.

These four designs were created by a German artist, Thomas F. Naegele, who was born in 1924. Naegele was known for his quiet winter scenes and this made him a popular choice for the natural designs featured here. I believe he created the designs specifically for the stamps - I cannot find any record of the paintings existing beforehand or being available to view now.

The image set is called the "Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettia, Sprig of Conifer, 4 designs" by the USPS.

These are the Scott Catalogue #1254-57 Stamps. The stamps were issued on Nov. 9, 1964.

These stamps are fairly common, and a mint copy is worth 5 cents.

Here is my image of the pinecone beautiful Christmas stamp! This one was *not* collected by Walter - it came out before he began collecting stamps. I acquired this stamp separately, to round out this online gallery.

1964 Christmas Stamp - 5 Cent Greens

Here is a four square version that has all four designs. Again this was a separate acquisition from me.

1964 Christmas Stamp - 5 Cent Greens

Because I have many copies of many of my stamps, feel free to contact me if you have an interest or swapping or buying one of these. I am quite happy to share my love of stamping with others!

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