1979 Christmas Stamp - 15 Cent Virgin Mary

This stamp has a square image of the Virgin Mary in a blue robe and dress holding the baby Jesus in her lap. Behind her are rolling fields with green trees. Below the image on a white background it says, in black, Gerard David: National Gallery and then Christmas USA 15c.

The image is Virgin and Child by Gerard David. It was done after 1510. The painting is The Rest on the Flight into Egypt. Gerard David lived about 1460 to 1523. It is part of teh andrew W. Mellon Collection at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

This is the Scott Catalogue #1799 Stamp.

This stamp is reasonably common, and a used stamp is worth about ?? cents.

Here are my images!

1979 Christmas Stamp - 15 Cent Virgin Mary

1979 Christmas Stamp - 15 Cent Virgin Mary

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