Money Folding - Florence Temko

Money Folding by Florence Temko is hard pressed to be called an origami instruction book. It's more like an origami instruction flyer. There are literally only 11 pages of instructions - plus 1 page of introduction, and 2 pages of tips at the end.

It's not that I mind a short book - but with it only holding 6 designs total, the price normally seen on this leaflet is rather high. Not only that, but Florence then came out with a second "book" with only 6 more designs in it, equally high priced. It would have been far more fair to provide (gasp) 12 designs in a book, and have it actually have enough pages to give it a slight thickness.

So, that all being said, exactly what do you get in Money Folding? You get some of the most basic shapes. You get a tree, a heart, a duck, a shirt, a butterfly and a ring. I agree that these six shapes are cool ones, and come in useful for card making and gift giving. However, the main issue is that all of these are classic designs, especially the ring and the duck. This means that you could go on Google and find all of these instructions for free.

The illustrations are reasonably good, done with drawn versions of US dollar bills so you can tell if you are folding the items properly. The instructions are reasonably clear.

If you really need one of these designs, and really want it in book form, then perhaps the cost of the book plus shipping will be worth it to you. However, I personally would go either with one of the larger origami money books where you get far more bang for the buck - or use the web and print out the information for free. I don't feel right paying someone so much money for so few designs.

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