Money Folding 2 - Florence Temko

Money Folding 2 by Florence Temko has the same problem that the initial Money Folding book had. Both books only have 6 designs each - but have a relatively high price tag. With Money Folding 2 she doesn't even bother to number the pages since there are so few. There are 11 pages of instructions, plus a page of introduction and then 2 pages at the end for tips. That's it, that's the entire book.

The items you learn how to fold here are: a peacock, a necklace, a flower, a jumping frog, a crow puppet, and a pair of earrings. At least where the first book had super-common shapes that you could find anywhere on the web, these designs are a little more unique. The peacock is the most interesting to me, with its lovely fan tail. Unfortunately the only way you can keep that tail up is with double-sided tape or glue :). The necklace, a "lei", is more like making a series of circles with separate dollar bills and then stringing them on twine or yarn.

The frog does look vaguely frog-like - in essence you push it over and it rolls. The flower is really just a circle shape, stuck on a straw. The earrings are a simple twist fold, that you attach to earring posts. Finally, the crow puppet looks sort of like a beak, I grant you. But I like those four-part beaks you make out of paper much better - something I think every school child learns to make somewhere along the way.

I suppose I might say that if you really want the peacock, that it's worth the price of the book plus shipping to get the peacock design (as long as you have glue and / or tape around). But really what I would say is that there are several other books on the market that include the peacock AND include many other cool designs - and that the per-design cost is far lower on those.

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