NCIS Los Angeles Origami

NCIS Los Angeles is a great TV show with talented actors. One of the characters is Sam Hanna, portrayed by LL Cool J. I love how he is both strong and intelligent, thoughtful and able to act quickly. He's a former US Navy SEAL.

So Sam is both able to kill a person in seconds - and can use those same hands to delicately fold origami! Here is an image of him in the "Search and Destroy" episode with his origami.

NCIS Los Angeles origami

The orange item appears to be a traditional bird. The peach item in the center appears to be a crane.

At one point Sam's friend Callen is looking at the origami. Callen asks, "Is that a frog?"

Sam replies, "It's a swan."

Callen says, "From where, Chernobyl?"

Apparently Callen does not appreciate the true beauty of origami!

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