Prison Break Origami

Prison Break is a neat TV show which involves people who cannot talk openly with each other for sort of obvious reasons :) So they have to figure out a secret code. What they do is pass origami which has that code in it. You can always get your hands on paper, and an origami object is all folded up so you can't see the insides!

Making secret message origami is certainly known in Japanese culture. In fact there's even a "lover's knot" where a lover writes a message inside and then folds an intricate origami out of the paper. If someone else tried to intercept the message and read it, it would be obvious because they wouldn't fold it up again in the exact same way. Voila! A secure way to send messages!

If you're a fan of prison break, definitely learn to make some fun origami shapes, and write messages inside them! Give them to your friends and see what they think of the message! Of course they might like the origami so much that they don't want to "destroy" it by opening it up!

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