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Winter Beauty

Winter solitude -
in a world of one color
the sound of wind.

-- Basho

Winter brings us the ultimate in serenity. The peace of a frozen pond, the delicate fluttering of a snowflake descending toward earth.

white origami crane Origami Cranes
Pour a glass of wine or iced tea and relax in your favorite chair. String cranes along the edges of your windows. Hang them below your mirrors. Decorate your world with the timeless beauty of origami.
  yelloworigamiflowers Origami Flowers
Whether you're invited to a pot luck or a casual wine tasting, a gift of origami flowers will always be appreciated. Their colors can perfectly match the occasion, and their gentle, delicate nature will complement any event.
swan wedding origami Wedding Favors
A wedding shares the blissful joy of a couple with their beloved family and friends. Origami creates perfect favors which are treasured for years. They can decorate the reception hall and create a beauty which lasts a lifetime.
  Origami crane earrings Beautiful Jewelry
Brilliant sunshine, shimmering sunsets, and turquoise evenings fill our lives. Decorate your world with jewelry which matches your moods. Origami cranes bring an elegant, eclectic touch to your wardrobe.
origami note cards Note Cards
Is hand sending a card a lost art? What happened to the beautiful messages between John Adams and his beloved wife Abigail? Dedicate your evenings to saving this dying passion with a few notes of your own. They are sure to be treasured.
  Origami mobile Mobiles in Motion
Let gentle breezes send your origami mobile into fluttering, delicate motion, filling your world with a shimmering of beauty and delight. I can customize the colors and patterns to perfectly match your decor and desires. Turn every evening into a spa of serenity!

I hand craft all origami orders custom-made to your request. All origami is 100% made in the USA.


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