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Synthetic Pearl

Pearls are a symbol of the sea, and a sign of spiritual strength. Venus was brought up out of the deep in an oyster, her beauty and wisdom represented by the pearl. They symbolize honesty, insight, and the ability to stay peaceful and calm. The Romans loved pearls as a show of wealth.

Pearl Real pearls are created within an oyster, when a tiny grain of sand falls within the oyster. The oyster then begins to coat the sand grain in secretions to protect itself. Over time, that tiny grain becomes the lustrous pearl.

Real pearls are very sensitive to the environment - tradition has it that Cleopatra would dissolve pearls in wine and then drink them, as an ostentatious show of wealth. I design my origami to be much more robust than that, so I use synthetic pearls in my origami creations. These synthetic pearls are designed to last for years, just like the hand crafted creations they adorn.

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