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Synthetic Crystals

Crystals have been used since the earliest days to help focus energies and beautify environments. Light naturally sparkles into a rainbow of colors when it passes through a crystal.

Crystals There are many different colors available for you. Each color has its own meaning.

For themed color events, you can choose a color which matches your origami cranes. For a green Celtic event, you can go with green cranes with green crystals as gifts. If your wedding attendants are all wearing violet, you could have violet cranes with violet crystals as favors.

Another idea is to go with a pairing that is complementary. You could choose black crystals to offset your white cranes in a formal black-and-white dinner. You could make an Easter display where the cranes and the beads were all a collection of pastel colors. A baby shower for a girl could have pink patterned cranes with white crystals.

For more about the meanings of various colors, visit my Meaning of Colors list.

Here is a sampling of the types of colors I can get crystals in.

Crystals Crystals Crystals

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