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Origami Butterflies

Butterflies have been revered in culture since the days of the early Greeks. The Greeks would often use the butterfly to symbolize the human spirit or soul.A butterfly is ephemeral and lovely, free flying and graceful.

Many works of literature have talked about a person's maturity moving from the slow crawl of a caterpillar to the flowering beauty and fully realized splendour of the butterfly.

The gorgeous beauty of a butterfly makes quite an impact, whether it's on a card or hanging on a wall!

Origami Butterfly

A butterfly is free, inspires us all, and is important to the ecosystem - it's the butterfly that helps the flowers to grow and thrive.

Origami Butterfly

Origami butterflies can come in any color, matching your personal spirituality.

origami butterfly

The "Butterfly effect" explains how even the flapping of a butterfly's wings can affect the entire world.

Origami Butterfly

Origami Butterflies are lovely when a flock are taped to a wall or window, in a virtual mural!

Origami Butterfly

Here is an example of an origami butterfly card!

Origami Butterfly

I've got a plethora of origami butterfly images online, to help inspire you!

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Price Per Butterfly: $3.00

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