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We live in a fast-paced world of email messages, Twitters, Facebook updates and text messages. A physical card is a meditation in thoughtfulness, a reminder of just how powerful a hand written message can be. The joy of receiving a card, of having a tangible note to read and re-read is quite meaningful. Cards do not vanish with the closing of a browser screen. The recipient can display their card on a shelf, post the card on their corkboard at work, and enjoy its message for years.

I create two main styles of origami cards. One style has the origami shape on the front of the card. Most flat origami shapes will work wonderfully in this style, as you have the full front of the card to work with. The second style has the origami shape revealed in a "window" in the front flap. So you can see the origami when looking at the front of the card, but when you open the flap you can see that the origami shape is actually attached to the inner layer.

Click on any of the origami card examples below to learn more about it!

origami card
Origami Card

origami card
Origami Card with Window

origami card
Origami Card with Money

origami card
Ready Made Crane Cards

In addition to custom ordering origami cards, you can also browse through our selection of Ready Made Origami Crane Cards to see if one of those fits your needs!

Cost: Initial cost of whatever origami shape you choose, plus $1 to cover card, envelope, and assembly. Note that only FLAT shapes can be used to create an origami card decoration - otherwise the card won't fit into the envelope!

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