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Windowed Origami Cards

With a windowed origami card, you get two layers of the treat. The outside of the card has the card stock and the origami framed by the window, as a beautiful decoration. Then, when the front flap is open, you get to see the origami there as well.

I hand create and hand cut these cards with a square window. I then fold and glue the origami creation in the opening. Because the origami needs to fit within the opening, only a few shapes with the smaller sized paper can be used in this configuration. The four most popular shapes are fish, cranes, doves, and butterflies!

Here is an example done with patterned card stock and a black and white patterned origami fish.

origami card

This crane is a purple pattern combined with a blue card base.

origami card

The dove is a symbol of love and peace.

origami card

This butterfly is a beautiful purple creation which represents transformation and growth.

origami card

If you are really fond of one of my other shapes and want me to try to make a windowed card out of it, let me know and I can give it a shot. For many shapes, though, the finished shape is too large to allow the shape to be seen through the window.

I can work with you if you want a message pre-printed on the card. For example, I could pre-print "PEACE" at the bottom of the front of each card, to go with an origami crane. This would be an additional charge.

In addition to custom ordering origami cards, you can also browse through our selection of Ready Made Origami Crane Cards to see if one of those fits your needs!

Cost: Initial cost of whatever origami shape you choose, plus $1 to cover card, envelope, and assembly. Note that only FLAT shapes can be used to create an origami card decoration - otherwise the card won't fit into the envelope!

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