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Green Origami Dragon

Green is the color of health, of strength, of harmony and balance. These are all great traits to match up with dragon kind. Dragons were of course extremely strong! They were paragons of health, living for centuries. They learned over time to live in balance with their environment, to find the way to fit in with those around them. Green is also the color of wealth, and dragons are famous for their ability to gather and maintain wealth!

Green Dragon Origami

In Dungeons and Dragons, green dragons loved forests, with their leafy trees and dense mossy nooks. They are very good at magic.

Green Dragon Origami

In World of Warcraft green dragons are very rare, and they represent dreams and spirituality.

One of the most famous green dragons in the world is Yoshi, from the Mario series of games! He is friendly, fun, and always willing to help.

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Price Per Dragon: $5.00

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