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Origami Pysanky Easter Egg

I adore creating hand made origami creations for people. I am also half Ukrainian, and even visited Ukraine last year to visit with relatives and to explore the gorgeous landscapes. I have the full equipment for creating pysanky the traditional way - with wax, dyes, and a great deal of patience. It came to me that I should combine my two interests, and see if I could create an origami version of an egg. I can make a *balloon* out of origami paper - but making an oval shape seemed both hard to maintain and extremely fragile. I normally like to make handicrafts that have a chance of surviving more than a week! So I turned my attention to the way many Ukrainian eggs are created - with a wooden egg at its core.

Origami Pysanky Easter Egg I found if I started with that wood egg as a base, and then layered over it the luxurious, thick fabric-like washi used in the most elegant of origami creations, that the end result was simply stunning.

I have a variety of the thick, fabric style washi paper options available. There are pastel colors with flowers, light pinks and purples with butterflies, elegant golds and blacks, rich blues, vibrant reds, and much more. You can see the paper options in my Paper Options list. Each egg is created by hand, to order, and with the steps and drying time each egg takes at least 10 days to create.

The glossy wooden black base is included as well - this is hand painted by me.

For larger photos of origami pysanky I have created in the past, visit:

Blue Origami Pysanky Egg
Bird-design Origami Pysanky Egg
Purple Butterfly Origami Pysanky Egg
Pastel Flowers Origami Pysanky Egg

Price Per Pysanky Origami Easter Egg: $15.00

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