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Unity Rose Origami Bouquet

Unity symbolizes the close ties of loyalty and care between two people or a group of people. The white of loyalty pairs with the red of love and caring to present a well matched whole. I can customize each bouquet to meet your exact needs - just let me know what colors you would like to see in your own bouquet!

Unity Rose Origami Bouquet

Unity Rose Origami Bouquet

You can request the bouquet as shown, with three roses, one in each of the component colors for this bouquet. Many people upgrade this to a full bouquet of twelve roses, four in each of the component colors. It is up to you, the level of statement you wish to make!

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Origami Rose Main Page and Description

Price per origami rose:
Regular origami paper: $10
Foil origami paper: $12
Money origami: $10 plus face value of bills used (5 bills per rose)
Money Origami currency fee

Note that you need to include the price of the actual bills with a money origami rose order. An origami rose is made up of 5 bills, of any denomination you wish.

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