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Origami Goldfish

Fish are a traditional sign of boys and men in Japanese culture. "Boy's Day", or Tango-no-Sekku, is held on May 5th of every year and families traditionally put out signs and banners with fish on them to celebrate.

Origami Goldfish Origami fish are symbols of peace and contenment. Japanese koi goldfish are found in many serenity ponds.

Origami fish are perfect for hanging as Christmas tree ornaments - just put the Chistmas hook right through the top point. The fish was an early symbol for Christianity, because Christ was a "fisher of men".

Since origami fish are two dimensional (i.e. flat) you can easily enclose one in a thank you or gift card, to add a special treat for the recipient.

Origami goldfish are great for giving out to teachers or students. A group of fish is known as a "school" and for that reason fish are often used to represent both the instructor and the instructed.

For the artistic at heart, you can use a collection of origami fish to create a beautiful mural for your window or cubicle wall. By taping or pinning the fish in a group, you can represent a school of fish in whatever colors and textures you wish.

origami fish

Goldfish also work perfectly as the symbol on a card!

Origami Fish Card

I have several photo albums of origami fish to help inspire you!

Red Origami Fish Photos
Blue Origami Fish Photos
Orange Origami Fish Photos

Price Per Goldfish: $2.00

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