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Feng Shui Wealth Origami
Each of us perceives wealth differently. To some, wealth represents the ability to finally get that college degree. To others, wealth ensures that the children have ample food and clothing. Whatever your definition of wealth, origami and feng shui can help you achieve your goals.

money origami rose To begin with, for most people dollar bills are a symbol of wealth. The dollar bill is what we use to pay the bills, to buy food, and to pay for gas. For this reason, having money origami roses in your home is a great way to attract wealth to you. In both Feng Shui and Visualization, a key is to have the mind continually receiving images of the end goal. It helps keep that goal in your mind and build your attentiveness to it. By having money out and visible in your life, you remind yourself to focus on activities that bring in money. Rather than surfing Facebook, you surf job sites. Rather than posting on a chat board, you post in a help wanted forum.

Room Placement
The key of Feng Shui and organization philosophies are, if you see it, it triggers your brain to think about it. So for example hiding something under your carpets probably won't help much! You'll forget it's there within days. However, if you put something right in front of your eyes, you're reminded of it each time you think of it. It's the theory behind post-it notes, message boards in the kitchen, and many other systems.

So, for wealth and feng shui, you want to put the items in the far left corner when you enter the room. So say you walk into your office. Look forward to the opposite wall. Now slide your eyes left to the corner there. It's that forward-left corner you want to focus on. That's where your eyes tend to go when you walk into a room. If the items there are about wealth and energy, it encourages you to focus on those goals.

So definitely you would want some money origami flowers there. Those would encourage you of the beauty in wealth, and how it is a desireable thing to have in your life. You might think that's a natural thought, but some people subconsciously hold back on getting wealth. They worry about changing their status. They worry about all the stories they heard growing up about "greedy rich people". They have some comfort in being where they are. Part of this practice is about coming to terms with the idea that adding wealth will be OK and comfortable.

What else do you want in that wealth corner? If you can get a desktop fountain, that would be great. The motion, healthy water, and freshness will also keep your mind thinking about flowing activity. If you have any special coins, put them in there too. We are all each different. We each think of wealth differently. Some think of cool coins. Some think of jewels. Whatever it is that triggers YOUR thoughts, go with it. If to you an old coin means "death and boredom" then avoid those! We are all different. That's ok. Go with what triggers YOUR brain, and feel free to ignore what others say work for them. This is your brain you're working to affect.

If there is clutter, or dead items, or broken items, clear them all out. Each time your eyes fall on those items you get dragged down. Your subconscious feels frustrated by the reminders of failure. You want this area to give your brain images of healthy, active energy.

Money Origami Roses
Feng Shui and Origami

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