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Money Origami Boat

A boat is a symbol of taking on a new life, of traveling and enjoying the world! A money origami boat is the perfect gift for a graduate, to sail them off into a new life. A boat works well for anyone going off on a trip of honeymoon. A boat can also work well for a person taking on a new job!

Money Boat origami
Money Origami Boat made from a $100 bill

Money Boat origami
Money Origami Boat made from a $100 bill

You can also have money origami boats used in cards -

Money Boat origami

Money Boat origami

Note that, if you want, I can make an origami Boat out of normal origami paper that I've hand cut into the dimensions of a dollar bill. I can use any style paper you wish for this project.

This money origami boat pattern was created by the amazing money origami author John Montroll! John kindly gave me permission to display and sell versions of his money origami boat here on my site. I *highly* recommend John Montroll's books and works for anyone looking to learn more about money origami. Here is John Montroll's personal website - take a visit and see his amazing creations!

John Montroll Website

John is an amazing origamist and I cannot praise him highly enough :)

Money Origami Prices
Each money origami Boat is $3 plus the fee for the actual currency being used to make the Boat.
Money Origami Currency Fee

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