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Money Origami Butterfly

A money origami butterfly is the symbol of a new beginning, of beauty and a love of nature! A money origami gift is perfect for someone getting engaged or married, to celebration their transformation into a new life. Baby showers can be full of butterflies. A graduate is leaving their crysalis and flying into a new world. A new job works wonders with a money origami butterfly as well!

A money origami butterfly is made from TWO bills. You can use the same bills or different ones. As you can see from the photos, the butterfly looks different depending on whether you show the front or the back of the bills.

Money origami butterfly
Money Origami Butterfly (2 $1 bills)

Money Origami butterfly
Money Origami Butterfly (2 $5 bills)

Money bowtie butterfly
Money Origami Butterfly (2 $100 bills)

Money origami butterfly
Money Origami Butterfly (each butterfly is made from one $5 Euro bill on bottom and one $10 Euro bill on top)

Money origami butterfly
Money Origami Butterfly (2 British 20 pound bills)

Note that, if you want, I can make an origami butterfly out of normal origami paper that I've hand cut into the dimensions of two dollar bills. I can use any style paper you wish for this project.

I have many photos of these butterflies to help inspire you - enjoy!

Money Origami Photo Gallery
Euro Money Origami Butterflies
British Pound Money Origami Butterflies
US Hundred ($100) Origami Butterflies
US Five ($5) Origami Butterflies
US One ($1) Origami Butterflies

Money Origami Prices
Each money origami butterfly is $4 plus the fee for the actual currency (two bills) being used to make the Butterfly.
Money Origami Currency Fee

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