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Money Origami Duck

A money origami duck is peaceful, a family creature, caring for its ducklings with love and affection. Ducks are great for family member gifts. If you're going on a trip involving water - like a cruise - giving duck tips away is perfect!

There are of course all sorts of jokes you can make about a duck being made from a buck, or a duck having a bill as part of it!

money origami duck
Money Origami Duck from a $1 bill

money origami duck
Money Origami Duck from a British 10 pound bill

Note that, if you want, I can make an origami Duck out of normal origami paper that I've hand cut into the dimensions of a dollar bill. I can use any style paper you wish for this project.

Money Origami Prices
Each money origami Duck is $3 plus the fee for the actual currency being used to make the Duck.
Money Origami Currency Fee

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