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Money Origami Lotus Flower

A lotus is a type of aquatic water flower with gorgeous blooms and multiple tiers of petals. The lotus is similar to the water lily, but while the two may look relatively the same, a water lily is in a different category. A lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, is also known by many as an "Indian Lotus" as the flower is so well known there. The Sacred Lotus is the national flower of India.

Money Origami Lotus Flower The lotus is mentioned in many famous works throughout the history of man. Famous Chinese philospher Zhou Dunyi said I love the lotus because while growing from mud, it is unstained.

The Bible mentions the lotus, in Job - Under the lotus plants he lies, hidden among the reeds in the marsh. The lotuses conceal him in their shadow; the poplars by the stream surround him.

In Homer's Odyssey, lotus flowers are mentioned many places. For example, Telemachus praises the lands of Menelaus with these words:

I will take no horses back with me to Ithaca, but will leave them to adorn your own stables, for you have much flat ground in your kingdom where lotus thrives, as also meadowsweet and wheat and barley, and oats with their white and spreading ears; whereas in Ithaca we have neither open fields nor racecourses, and the country is more fit for goats than horses, and I like it the better for that.

You can find many great books singing the praise of the lotus throughout history, because of the lotus flower's beauty and grace.

In many religions the lotus represents spiritual awakening. When a lotus flower begins to grow, it grows down at the bottom of a pond, in the muck and dark. Slowly it grows upwards towards the light, finally breaking free of the surface and reveling in the sunshine.

The lotus can represent a fresh start and a new beginning. Lotus origami is often used in bridal showers, weddings, and baby showers for this reason.

A money origami lotus is a fantastic way to present someone with a gift in a manner which is both beautiful and meaningful. New graduates who are transforming from student to adult appreciate both the symbolism of the lotus as well as the practicality of the gift. Workers who change profession are undergoing the same internal metamorphasis and striving for a new beauty.

Here are photo galleries of money origami lotus made with different denominations of bills!

Money Origami Lotus Flower Photo Gallery
US Hundred ($100) Origami Lotus Flowers
US Ten ($10) Origami Lotus Flowers
US One ($1) Origami Lotus Flowers
Euro Money Origami Lotus Flowers

Note that, if you want, I can make an origami Lotus Flower out of normal origami paper that I've hand cut into the dimensions of 12 dollar bills. I can use any style paper you wish for this project. You can see images of origami paper created lotus flowers here -
Origami Lotus Flower with regular origami paper.

Money Origami Prices
Each money origami Lotus Flower is $15 plus the fee for the actual 12 bills of currency being used to make the Lotus Flower.
Money Origami Currency Fee

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