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Origami Paper Washi Sales

My main focus here is NOT to sell paper. I do not have the space or the time to inventory hundreds of packs of paper and ship them out to people. That being said, I do of course keep a fairly substantial inventory in my house just to handle the orders for folded creations that come in. There have been times that someone desperately wants a "pink confetti" pack of paper and can't find it anywhere else - and I have it in my closet. So in cases like that, I am more than happy to help out!

Please always contact me to find out what I have in stock. Paper comes and goes here as I make orders!

Gold / Silver Momi Washi

A common request I get is for the gold, silver and champagne colored momi (matte) washi paper. This paper is GORGEOUS and people often want to use the paper for their own projects. Here is what it looks like:

Gold Momi Washi Silver Momi Washi Champagne Momi Washi

This would be $7 for a pack of 10 sheets of paper. The paper is 5 7/8" square.

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