Oga Restaurant
Natick, MA

Oga is a fine Japanese restaurant and sushi bar located on Route 9 Westbound in Natick Massachusetts. It seats about 100 people and is a nice wood-modern styling inside. It's not a slice and dice - it's regular table seatings (plus a few private rooms in back), very elegant. The menu is full of interesting Japanese dishes, and prices can range up to $20 or more.

We began with the wide variety of chilled sakes. When ordered by the glass, they are served in a small glass seated in a square sake cup with water to keep it cool. The first I tried was Ginkobai, which is a plum-infused sake. Very flavorful and tasty! Next I tried the Kimoto Honjyozo Korakuchi which was smooth and went wonderfully with the food.

For an appetizer, my boyfriend had the tempura - very light, fresh and crispy. I had the Kinutamaki, which were rolls of thin radish with sweet vinegar, avocado, cucumber, burdak root, scallions and pickled ginger, with salmon. Quite delicious!

We had miso soup which was just right as well.

But the treat of course is the sushi. The style here is to use long, thin (width) strips of fish on just a little rice. The flavor of this sushi was *great*. Very fresh, the smoked salmon had a delicious flavor that lingered in your mouth. Every one of the sushi was flavorful and just right.

We all enjoyed this restaurant enormously!!

915 Worcester Road

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