Shogun 9 Restaurant - Framingham, MA

ALERT: I was told on Nov 14 2002 that Shogun 9 had closed!! It has now been replaced by a new and unrelated Japanese restaurant.

Shogun 9 is a favorite spot of mine, for both lunch and dinner. It's a traditional restaurant, not a slice-and-dice shop. The sushi is very good, and if you have enough people there are enclosed traditional seating rooms in the back. I love those myself!

Shogun 9 has won numerous awards for their food and sushi. They have traditional (low table) and standard seating. We eat there about every 6 months, and the food is always delicious, the service fantastic. I highly recommend this restaurant.

250 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA

It's right on Route 9 in Framingham, on the eastbound side.

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