Be The Change Bracelet

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Ghandi's message to us all is that we should make every day count, and act the way we wish others would act. We have to start with ourselves.

To be fair, Ghandi didn't exactly say this. He said, "If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change." The context he was speaking in was about how each person is a part of the world, and when we change, the world around us is influenced, and together the entire society moves. It is so true.

Sometimes I hear people say, "I treat everyone with kindness - except the ones who don't deserve it". I would counter that every person deserves compassion. Maybe the grumpy person just learned their spouse is dying of cancer. Maybe the grumpy teen is being abused by her boyfriend. It is perhaps the grumpy people that we should be most compassionate with. Something is clearly not good in their lives, and they could use a helping hand.

There is an interesting story behind my possession of this bracelet. I had a gift certificate for Kohl's and went in looking for something to get with it. They had this bracelet for 60% off in the jewelry area and I instantly adored it. Better yet, it had a magnetic clasp making it easy to put on and off.

I immediately began wearing it everywhere. When my friend's grandmother passed away, I wore it to her funeral - and lost it there. I didn't want to make a fuss about it, of course. I figured someone else could find it and enjoy it. I would simply get another one.

However, Kohl's no longer had the bracelet! I looked everywhere. I could only find this new-style bracelet with the sliding leather pieces, which is quite a challenge to open and close. Finally I found an original magnetic clasp one on Kohl's. The price was I think $40 which is higher than I tend to spend, but I wanted that clasp. So I ordered it - and it showed up with the sliding closure! :). It was a lesson in humility :). I even wrote them and they said sorry but their website image was wrong.

So I set it at a size that barely gets over my hand, and just leave it there. I wear this all the time, looped with my bodhi seed bracelet.

Be The Change Bracelet

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Be The Change Bracelet

Be The Change Bracelet

It's intriguing to me that with the other bracelets I own it's just this one I wear. Time to give away or sell the rest, I think.

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